Settling In

Float Street Press is now settling in to new digs in New Mexico. The weather is beautiful here and our hopes for growing the business are high.The effort is one of love and so, in the most important sense, the business can’t possibly fail.

We have some great books in the works, such as The Remingtons of India (the book I wrote about in the previous blog), but it will take some time to get a handle on how long it takes to finish them and render them suitable for public consumption. Covers, editing (going on now), proofing and all that takes time. Moreover, I am a writer and insist on spending a fair amount of my time writing my own books. I have two novels in various stages, but more on that later.

It is an exciting time to be in book publishing, and a tricky time. We watch the trends through the eyes of others, mostly, taking advantage of, and trying to learn from, their mistakes and successes. We maintain a lightweight overhead, relying on freelance help so that the long term benefits accrue to authors, rather than supporting employees. We aren’t against employees, but are more comfortable with independent contractors (and they have to eat too). We will be trying out some of our own ideas for promotion and marketing as time permits. If you have ideas, go to the contact page and, well, contact us.

And that is the update from our world.