Float Street Press

HDML 1001 in Mochima

HDML 1001 in Mochima

Float Street Press is a small, albeit vibrant, publishing effort focused on fiction, especially about cultures and vibrant lifestyles off the beaten track, written by authors who have been there… and lived it.

Although small, this is a global company in the sense that the publishing effort relies on writers, translators, editors and other important people who are scattered around the world. The publisher can’t seem to stand still for very long either. The company is named for the old wooden boat that was home and office for ten years in the Caribbean. Originally named HDML 1001, in the picture above she is sitting at anchor in Mochima, Venezuela. She was a WWII Harbour Defence Motor Launch, built in 1941 and served proudly in the Royal Navy in the UK during the war. You can read her history here.

If you are curious as to why the boat in the picture looks nothing like the one drawn for our logo (by Dagny Sellorin) it is because the drawing is of the boat MeinGott,which stars in the novel THE LEGEND OF RON AÑEJO. The novel was written on the boat in the picture. Two completely different boats, although they know each other well.

Float Street Press publishes in both ebook and paperback formats. We make our books available through most online retailers and we will be adding links as this site begins to emerge. From time to time we provide special deals and free fiction. If you’d like us to contact you when new books are available or when special offers are about to begin, please use the contact page to let us know.

We also have a page at Smashwords that links to most of our ebooks.