For movie buffs

Lots of people are selling screenplays of old movies, but Float Street Press has recently published a screenplay that hasn’t been made into a movie yet. OUTLAW TRAIL is a story by Derek Stephen McPhail. It’s an out-of-the-ordinary tale of Texas Rangers, Indian wars, passion, vengeance, and ghosts. Outlaw Film Productions is hoping to see the movie made in the near future. Meantime, you can read it in either ebook format (, Amazon UK or Amazon CA) or in paperback from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Outlaw screenplay


To learn more check out this short video from the
WILDsound Writing and Film Festival Review

Welcome to the Raj

The Remingtons of IndiaA new novel of the Raj era in India by Javaid Qazi

A vivid portrayal of a time, a place, and a society.

Returning to India in 1899, young Katherine Remington, finds herself swept up in the tumultuous cavalcade of the British Empire at its zenith.

The turbulent tribes of the Khyber Pass are up in arms again! Murderous intrigue is rife in the palace of Maharaja Balraj Balram; the odor of scandals intermingles with the pine-scented breezes of Simla, threatening youthful romantic dreams and military careers. And in the hot, narrow, crowded lanes of old Delhi, Hindu-Muslim rivalries breed bitter and bloody communal conflicts.

Against this backdrop, Katherine, the daughter of an officer in the British Indian Army, must establish her own identity without bringing dishonor to her family. Torn between two men: Jason Price, a rich and handsome charmer and Captain Forbes, a taciturn career soldier devoted to Duty, Katherine must learn the difference between mere infatuation and True Love.

Her brother David, a Political Agent, falls in love with an Indian princess. Now he must choose between loyalty to a career and or heed the call of a powerful passion.

Over 600 pages of the drama of a time gone by!

Available in ebook and paperback from Amazon and other retailers.



A darkly erotic world

We’d like more of our readers to get to know Kurt Dysan. His first story, A BURGLAR IN MALAY is available in ebook and paperback from all the usual suspects.

Burglar in Malay

It is an erotic story that takes place in Malaysia, just as the title suggests. It is an erotic crime story, in which lust for stolen jewels competes with more basic lust.

We recently published his second, titled LUSCIOUS THIEF. The cover was done for us by The Cover Collection and we love it.">

Another erotic crime story of multiple deceptions, betrayal and lust, it examines the very real weaknesses of even hardened criminals. To let you taste his stories, this short story will be free on Amazon from April 5, 2014 April 8, 2014.


New stories and new ideas

We’ve recently put up (on ) a new story by Javaid Qazi, called Bridge of Ropes.

  “Two children form an alliance and build a bridge that is both physical and symbolic. Their friendship helps them deal with a world in which most adults are part of the problem.”

Despite how it might sound, this is a story for adults, not children.





Another new story from the press on was written by Kurt Dysan. AS with his previous story, A Burglar in Malay, this one is darkly erotic and called LUSCIOUS THIEF.

“Cal’s a bodyguard for a crazy woman who insists that tying her up and using her is part of his job. His life is in the toilet. She’s a burglar after the woman’s jewels and he’s in her way. Joining forces might solve some things and screw up others.”

The cover for this story came from Madelene Martin at


We’ve got other stories coming and recent remakes of a few covers for older stories to better reflect their themes.  We hope you enjoy these stories.


Crime and passion

We’ve just released a new story by Ed Teja on amazon called A Mexican Divorce.

How is a girl supposed to have fun on vacation when blackmailers are going to try and make her pay them for pictures of it all? And what will Bart say if he finds out? Of course she can’t little thing like a greedy blackmailer ruin a perfectly good setup.

mexican divorce It’s only available as an ebook for the moment, and only on Amazon. There are more in the queue, however, and you can expect to see an anthology of short mystery and crime fiction soon.


In other news, we’ve added a mailchimp signup form to the site. If you’d like to be kept informed of books by our authors, special deals and occasional free stories, please sign up. We won’t cram your inbox full of junk.

A Review for Clay McKenzie

We’ve been delighted to get some great reviews for THE INVENTION OF CLAY MCKENZIE by Ed Teja and J. Reid Beckett (available in paperback and ebook formats at The most recent is by Teri Davis and appears on the Midwest Book Review.

I encourage you to read the review in its entirety, but I’d like to quote this small bit.

Ed Teja and Jim Beckett have created a thought-provoking, well-written novel. Their years of experience in the publishing world from their perspectives have created a unique story that utilizes the excellent writing gifts of both.

The Invention of Clay McKenzie is a book that I recommend for everyone, especially book lovers to read.

A science fiction collection

We are happy to announce that VISIONS OF JUPITER, a collection of three quirky short science fiction stories by Tilly Jupiter, is now available in both ebook and paperback formats from Amazon and as an ebook from Smashwords.

Visions Tilly is working on a major project right now, in cahoots with another of our science fiction writers, J. Reid Beckett. We will be making announcements about it later, probably early next year. If you want to be kept informed and possibly win a pre-publication copy, sign up on our contact form on the contact page. We covet our fans and don’t share information with anyone else.


If you are a book reviewer and interested in any of our titles, please let us know through the contact page. Thanks!


An Unfortunately Low Profile

It seems like when the most stuff is going on, there is often the least to say about. With several projects in the queue, but not ready to go live, there isn’t a lot you can say about them. I’ve mention some of them, and since then we have been working with editors, cover designers, and writers (of course) to get them into shape — producing the quality we (and you) want.

For instance, Javaid Qazi is finishing a huge edit on his Indian Romance novel, THE REMINGTONS OF INDIA. While it goes off for a round of final edits, we are doing the book layout, so to have something for reviewers.

At the same time, we are trying to establish relationships with reviewers and prepare advance review copies so that they will help us let the world know about the new books. And, of course, there is the endless effort to try and keep pace with the world of publishing, which is a rather unstable universe, prone to changes (both temporary and permanent) and requiring us to try lots of things to see how best to interact with readers.

We have avoided Facebook as a time sink, but hear from others that it works for them. So what to do? With few people and a small (microscopic) budget, I am going in many directions at once. But it is all good. Exciting stuff. And I learn something new nearly every day.

And on we go.

But there is little to say about that journey, at least that is worth telling, beyond the simple idea that our low profile means that we are working hard.



I love bookstores. I don’t just mean the ones that carry our books either. Even as the tidal wave of ebooks washes over us (well actually we are body surfing on it–not wanting to miss the ride) I love to go into stores and look at books. There is something special about opening one and reading that first page, even if you put it back. Physical books might not be the most efficient use of resources, but they sure as hell are inspiring. Just holding a book in my hands is wonderful.

It isn’t the best time for bookstores in general, but some are doing well. Without getting into any particular debate on their future, we are turning to them now to promote our books and, in the process, generate business for them too. Of course, all bookstores are not author friendly, so it is a matter of working with the willing. Fortunately, a lot of independent bookstores do love books.

Jim Beckett andThe_Invention_of__Cl_Cover_for_Kindle I are scheduling signings of our book THE INVENTION OF CLAY MCKENZIE. On October 26th we will be at COAS Books in Las Cruces, NM from 10 am to 12 pm (during the farmer’s market) signing away and talking with readers.

We are scheduling other signings as well and will announce them as we get closer to the dates.