New strategies

Staying current with publishing is a job that requires constant attention. So now I’m taking a break from writing while I restructure how the books are distributed. The capricious nature of Amazon makes them an unsuitable partner for small fry. You don’t get treated so much as a valued content provider as much as a pain in the ass. So, although readers won’t see much change, I’m going to go through distributors who seem to have a little clout and are author friendly. I like author friendly.

There are some other changes in store as well, with some exciting news about my Caribbean cozy mysteries. At the moment, there are three: SWEET DEATH, THE MISSING SKILLET, and DEATH OF A SANDMAN. You can find them all at

Talking about short stories

We are moving along in getting our books and stories in audio format. The most recent addition is the short story “Imitating Art” by Ed Teja, and narrated by Joe Farinacci. Click on the player below to hear a sample of the story. You can get it for only $3.95.

Here is the blurb

Imitating Art ACX


A writer backpacking in Asia finds a quiet place guest house and settles in to write a story about a real criminal on the run. But as he gets to work, fiction and reality blur together in a curious combination.

It’s available now on and soon at Amazon.

A darkly erotic world

We’d like more of our readers to get to know Kurt Dysan. His first story, A BURGLAR IN MALAY is available in ebook and paperback from all the usual suspects.

Burglar in Malay

It is an erotic story that takes place in Malaysia, just as the title suggests. It is an erotic crime story, in which lust for stolen jewels competes with more basic lust.

We recently published his second, titled LUSCIOUS THIEF. The cover was done for us by The Cover Collection and we love it.">

Another erotic crime story of multiple deceptions, betrayal and lust, it examines the very real weaknesses of even hardened criminals. To let you taste his stories, this short story will be free on Amazon from April 5, 2014 April 8, 2014.


New stories and new ideas

We’ve recently put up (on ) a new story by Javaid Qazi, called Bridge of Ropes.

  “Two children form an alliance and build a bridge that is both physical and symbolic. Their friendship helps them deal with a world in which most adults are part of the problem.”

Despite how it might sound, this is a story for adults, not children.





Another new story from the press on was written by Kurt Dysan. AS with his previous story, A Burglar in Malay, this one is darkly erotic and called LUSCIOUS THIEF.

“Cal’s a bodyguard for a crazy woman who insists that tying her up and using her is part of his job. His life is in the toilet. She’s a burglar after the woman’s jewels and he’s in her way. Joining forces might solve some things and screw up others.”

The cover for this story came from Madelene Martin at


We’ve got other stories coming and recent remakes of a few covers for older stories to better reflect their themes.  We hope you enjoy these stories.


Crime and passion

We’ve just released a new story by Ed Teja on amazon called A Mexican Divorce.

How is a girl supposed to have fun on vacation when blackmailers are going to try and make her pay them for pictures of it all? And what will Bart say if he finds out? Of course she can’t little thing like a greedy blackmailer ruin a perfectly good setup.

mexican divorce It’s only available as an ebook for the moment, and only on Amazon. There are more in the queue, however, and you can expect to see an anthology of short mystery and crime fiction soon.


In other news, we’ve added a mailchimp signup form to the site. If you’d like to be kept informed of books by our authors, special deals and occasional free stories, please sign up. We won’t cram your inbox full of junk.

July ebook sale!

During the month of July, a number of our ebooks will be on sale at Smashwords. Some will be 50% off, including full-length novels, such as THE INVENTION OF CLAY MCKENZIE, UNDER LOW SKIES and THE LEGEND OF RON ANEJO. It’s all part of a summer reading festival. Just go to the Smashwords page and click on a book, or go directly to the book link here, and you’ll see a coupon code for your discount. Enter it and you’ve got your discount. It is a great way to find new authors, and new stories and you’ll be able to choose the ebook format you want to download.