The Long Road to Someplace

After spending a lot of time trying to get a handle on this crazy world we call publishing, to make sense of what Amazon is doing, to understand the trends in books, I’ve backed off. I’m writing a novel that is based on my years in Cambodia and will take place there. It’s the story of an expat and its a tale of success and failure.

The working title is Crocodile Tears but the story hasn’t proceeded far enough yet to know it that will work. It fits the theme of the book, but perhaps not the tone. This is mystery, but not a mystery in the traditional sense. It’s an ambitious book that borrows from life in a way that makes it hard to write. So, despite having an outline, it most likely won’t be available until near the end of 2017. If things go well, it will come out in hardback as well as paperback and ebook formats, and I’ll be doing a launch that involves a preorder.

Once I know the real tone of the book I’ll be contacting cover designers to find one who can do it justice. It’s an exciting project.

The closest thing I’ve done to this book is a short story: Imitating Art. It’s based in Asia and available in several languages now as well as an audio book, narrated byJoe Farinacci.


For movie buffs

Lots of people are selling screenplays of old movies, but Float Street Press has recently published a screenplay that hasn’t been made into a movie yet. OUTLAW TRAIL is a story by Derek Stephen McPhail. It’s an out-of-the-ordinary tale of Texas Rangers, Indian wars, passion, vengeance, and ghosts. Outlaw Film Productions is hoping to see the movie made in the near future. Meantime, you can read it in either ebook format (, Amazon UK or Amazon CA) or in paperback from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Outlaw screenplay


To learn more check out this short video from the
WILDsound Writing and Film Festival Review

A darkly erotic world

We’d like more of our readers to get to know Kurt Dysan. His first story, A BURGLAR IN MALAY is available in ebook and paperback from all the usual suspects.

Burglar in Malay

It is an erotic story that takes place in Malaysia, just as the title suggests. It is an erotic crime story, in which lust for stolen jewels competes with more basic lust.

We recently published his second, titled LUSCIOUS THIEF. The cover was done for us by The Cover Collection and we love it.">

Another erotic crime story of multiple deceptions, betrayal and lust, it examines the very real weaknesses of even hardened criminals. To let you taste his stories, this short story will be free on Amazon from April 5, 2014 April 8, 2014.


New stories and new ideas

We’ve recently put up (on ) a new story by Javaid Qazi, called Bridge of Ropes.

  “Two children form an alliance and build a bridge that is both physical and symbolic. Their friendship helps them deal with a world in which most adults are part of the problem.”

Despite how it might sound, this is a story for adults, not children.





Another new story from the press on was written by Kurt Dysan. AS with his previous story, A Burglar in Malay, this one is darkly erotic and called LUSCIOUS THIEF.

“Cal’s a bodyguard for a crazy woman who insists that tying her up and using her is part of his job. His life is in the toilet. She’s a burglar after the woman’s jewels and he’s in her way. Joining forces might solve some things and screw up others.”

The cover for this story came from Madelene Martin at


We’ve got other stories coming and recent remakes of a few covers for older stories to better reflect their themes.  We hope you enjoy these stories.


A Review for Clay McKenzie

We’ve been delighted to get some great reviews for THE INVENTION OF CLAY MCKENZIE by Ed Teja and J. Reid Beckett (available in paperback and ebook formats at The most recent is by Teri Davis and appears on the Midwest Book Review.

I encourage you to read the review in its entirety, but I’d like to quote this small bit.

Ed Teja and Jim Beckett have created a thought-provoking, well-written novel. Their years of experience in the publishing world from their perspectives have created a unique story that utilizes the excellent writing gifts of both.

The Invention of Clay McKenzie is a book that I recommend for everyone, especially book lovers to read.

Float Street Press on the road

Ed at COAS

Ed Teja at COAS Books


Float Street Books on display at the checkout counter (and those of a few other folks too).

Jim at COAS

Jim Beckett mans the signing table at COAS.

The book signing at COAS Books in Las Cruces, New Mexico (on Saturday, Oct 26th) was great fun. We met a lot of people (the Farmer’s Market was going on just outside the door) and the people there are book lovers, which makes everything good.

Our focus was on promoting THE INVENTION OF CLAY MCKENZIE (especially given that the fictional author is from the nearby town of Deming, NM) but it was nice to make folks aware of us as semi-local authors. (It takes a little over two hours to drive to Las Cruces from Silver City).

We sold a few books, chatted with readers, and Mike Beckett (no relation to Jim), who owns the store, bought a few more to have in stock.


Welcome to the emerging web site of Float Street Press. We have been putting out books for some time now, but finally decided it was time to have our own web site. I suppose all web sites are a work in progress, and in this case we are trying to figure out both what all should be here and what shouldn’t. while also figuring out to manage to get all the shoulds up in a fashion that is manageable both to us and readers.

This blog will give us a chance to talk about books and publishing, and because it is our site I hope you will forgive a tendency to focus on our books and writers.

The contact tab has a form you can use to make suggestions, ask questions, or whatever strikes you (as long as it is something that doesn’t reek of SPAM). We hope you will take advantage of it.