Under Low Skies


by Ed Teja


Martin Billings is in Venezuela to prove that his brother, Tim, didn’t murder a fisherman. He is a freighter Captain, not an investigator. A mysterious and gorgeous woman lawyer is trying to get him to leave the country without stirring things up, but she won’t say why. When someone brutally murders Tim’s girlfriend, Martin becomes a suspect. To make things worse, a local crime boss and a vicious gringo called Highball have decided that Martin knows where a missing drug shipment is hidden. It’s a good thing Ugly Bill is on his way to help.

Under_Low_Skies_Cover_for_KindleAvailable in ebook and paperback formats at Barnes & Noble and Amazon. You can get the ebook for your smart phone from iTunes. You can also buy it direct at Gumroad


The book even inspired this CD by Edward Null

Under Low Skies

Edward Null’s performance of these great folk songs about sailing and Venezuela (written by Edward Null and Ed Teja) are available as individual downloads. The title song UNDER LOW SKIES is one Ed Null wrote after reading an early draft of the book.


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