Review of Nameless Mountain


Ed Teja

Review by

Derek Stephen McPhail
Outlaw Film Production


Mr. Teja has stumbled across a unique literary metal to mine in the hilarious apathy of a nameless character weary of his Kalifornia urban desert world’s contemporary absurdities.  A man with “an appreciation for things left undone.”

Seems a reflection of such non-ambition, that these refugees from the black hole of L.A.’s desperate cultural abyss should fall into such an appropriate triumvirate:  the brilliant cynical un-diagnosed autistic doomed musician, the depressed self-involved unsuccessful loser real estate agent;  and, the perky grumpy scatter-brained true believer psychic healer fortune teller.

On their road trip escape from Hell, one might expect absorbing new vistas could only improve the celestial quality of their spiritual sludge.  “Pilgrims in search of omens.” A surprisingly upbeat mountain to get down off of.


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