J. Reid BeckettJ. Reid Beckett

Jim Beckett’s career as a lab technician, research chemist, enhanced oil recovery research, coalbed methane development, oil pipeline management and environmental remediation never interfered with Jim’s writing. Primarily a lover of science fiction and fantasy, he refuses to ignore other genres when they catch his wide-ranging interests.

Float Street Press has published several of his short stories and THE INVENTION OF CLAY McKENZIE, a novel co-written with Ed Teja.


Kurt Dysan

Kurt Dysan lurks in the planetary fringes, hiding in emerging worlds and watching. If we hadn’t stumbled across him he would have remained totally (and happily) secluded. Convinced to share his perspectives, his fiction digs that into the existential heart of human motivation, probing the emotional triggers that drive people from the beaten path and exploring the consequences of actions most of us never actually take.

Tilly Jupiter

When she escaped to this space and time, Tilly Jupiter brought with her little more than a wicked sense of humor, a zest for life and a love of stories. The best stories, she thinks, are those that are true, or close enough to being true that with a little nudge from the universe you wouldn’t know the difference. She offers a wink and a nod to those who know what really happened in those strange places in those strange times she writes about.

Now she resides in a secret bunker, where she turns her attention to matters of great importance, none of which have anything to do with what passes for current events. At least not in any traceable, tangible way.


Traveling Ed Teja

Ed in tropicsEd Teja is a boat bum, magazine editor, freelance writer, poet, musician and traveler. He lives in and writes about places that lie in the margins of the world. Boats, islands and remote (tropical) places fill his stories and have been his natural habitat for much of the time, yet other kinds of exotic locales beckon as well.





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