The Rum Shop


A Caribbean Short Story

by Traveling Ed Teja

original cover art by Dagny Sellorin

available in both English and Spanish

The rum shop is the social center in the islands of the West Indies. This short story resulted from the author spending far too much time being sociable. Derek Marabolí liked the story enough to translate it into Spanish, so now we are making it available in both languages. Either flavor, it is still just 99 cents at Amazon in English (the Spanish edition is here Amazon) and at Barnes & Noble, iTunes and the rest.

Rum Shop Rum Shop (ES)

Excerpt from the story

An old man walked unsteadily down the dirt road from Barba’s shuttered supermarket, taking a meandering path that led him around rapidly drying mud holes in the road and toward the rum shop. He wore a clean white shirt, dark trousers and a black felt hat that made his skin look a darker brown than it was. He passed the overflowing garbage bin where three dogs and Miss Carmen’s old black sow rooted through plastic bags, scattering the garbage across the road.

“Somebody gotta help me,” he muttered as he settled himself down slowly and carefully on a splintered green wooden bench that faced the door to the rum shop. He looked at the shop now, noticing the padlocks on the two doors, the windows shuttered with boards that long ago had been brightly painted, some with red, some with green. The walls were a softer green than the shutters, but the paint old as well. The corrugated galvanized roof had been more recently painted a bright red.


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