The Long Road to Someplace

After spending a lot of time trying to get a handle on this crazy world we call publishing, to make sense of what Amazon is doing, to understand the trends in books, I’ve backed off. I’m writing a novel that is based on my years in Cambodia and will take place there. It’s the story of an expat and its a tale of success and failure.

The working title is Crocodile Tears but the story hasn’t proceeded far enough yet to know it that will work. It fits the theme of the book, but perhaps not the tone. This is mystery, but not a mystery in the traditional sense. It’s an ambitious book that borrows from life in a way that makes it hard to write. So, despite having an outline, it most likely won’t be available until near the end of 2017. If things go well, it will come out in hardback as well as paperback and ebook formats, and I’ll be doing a launch that involves a preorder.

Once I know the real tone of the book I’ll be contacting cover designers to find one who can do it justice. It’s an exciting project.

The closest thing I’ve done to this book is a short story: Imitating Art. It’s based in Asia and available in several languages now as well as an audio book, narrated byJoe Farinacci.


New books come before marketing

We’ve put a fair amount of energy into ramping up this site, hoping it will provide a place where people can learn about the new books our authors are working on. A lot of that work doesn’t show, as it involves simply learning what to put up and how to make it look right.

The site is still quite incomplete, as working on the new books takes priority over almost everything, and certainly over any marketing efforts. We don’t have and won’t have a Facebook account for the press. We don’t have time for that. It’s lovely to do such things, of course, but a small press is, well… small. If we market, that is time taken away from things we are more concerned with. (This isn’t a condemnation of marketing, just that in achieving our goals, it is less significant.)

Here are a few things we are putting time into.

Javaid Qazi has a new book in the works–a rather long romance that takes place in a fictional British Raj. Our medium-term focus is on getting that book edited and formatted. We want it to read and look great–the physical book should complement the story and the final entity provide a wonderful reading experience.

Even though the editing is ongoing, the layout has already begun. That means we are deciding on the best typeface, the nicest (most appropriate look) for the chapter headings, and designing attractive running headers. All details, but things that work together in determining the overall look and feel of the book. The cover is done–designed by Judy Bullard. Here it is.

The Remingtons of India Amazon

Can you tell that we love books?

And this is but one project in the works. Further down the pike we are working on the debut of a new series of science fiction novels. The intention is to have at least two ready to go before we launch them (lots of opportunities for Beta readers there)  and a sequel to Ed Teja’s mystery UNDER LOW SKIES (Amazon and B&N).

If you would like for us to let you know when one of these projects is ready, use our contact form on the contact page to let us know. If you are a book reviewer and one of these interests you, we are looking to do launches and will make pre-release copies available in various formats.

We are also eager to find some serious Beta readers who will read and report on our books. if you are interested in one of our books, we’d like to know that as well. We love the way Beta readers help us catch the niggly bits that otherwise slip by. Naturally, we hope that readers will develop an enthusiasm for our books and authors that translates into reviews and word of mouth, but mostly we want your sharp eyes and feedback.