Gaining in Translation

It’s exciting to have work appear in multiple languages. You have a chance to reach a wider audience and maybe make some new fans. We’ve worked with to find top translators for many of our works. It’s a lot of effort, but we are starting to see some exciting results. One of our short stories, IMITATING ART by Ed Teja takes place in SE Asia and is an intriguing tale of an expat who is a storyteller.


For many languages the book is available in all the usual places, including Amazon. So if you want to read it in Spanish or Portuguese it is available there. Clicking on the book covers will take you to the iTunes links to the books, but they are on Barnes & Noble and many other bookseller sites as well and most are available in paperback and ebook formats.
Unfortunately, Amazon and B&N don’t support all the languages we are using and so the translations into Turkish are available at Kobo, Scribd, Page Foundry, and iTunes and the Romanian at Kobo, Scribd, Page Foundry and iTunes.


New stories and new ideas

We’ve recently put up (on ) a new story by Javaid Qazi, called Bridge of Ropes.

  “Two children form an alliance and build a bridge that is both physical and symbolic. Their friendship helps them deal with a world in which most adults are part of the problem.”

Despite how it might sound, this is a story for adults, not children.





Another new story from the press on was written by Kurt Dysan. AS with his previous story, A Burglar in Malay, this one is darkly erotic and called LUSCIOUS THIEF.

“Cal’s a bodyguard for a crazy woman who insists that tying her up and using her is part of his job. His life is in the toilet. She’s a burglar after the woman’s jewels and he’s in her way. Joining forces might solve some things and screw up others.”

The cover for this story came from Madelene Martin at


We’ve got other stories coming and recent remakes of a few covers for older stories to better reflect their themes.  We hope you enjoy these stories.